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Las Vegas Eviction Process

Proudly Serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and Pahrump. Property Management and Apartment complexes can rest assured knowing APS will promptly deliver all notices on the next day of request to the tenant.
A notice must be served to the tenant
Depending on the reason for your decision to evict your tenant this notice may be a 7 or 30-day notice. Some evictions require a secondary notice to be served prior to eviction. Some notices require a tenant’s right clause to be printed on it.

Notices are $95.00 or $120.00 each depending on where the property is located.

To get started select the notice type and location below to start the Eviction Process.

Expiration of Notice
At the expiration of the notice excluding the date of service, weekends and holidays. The court will allow us to file a motion for summary eviction with the court of proper jurisdiction. Eviction Costs are between $410.00-$490.00 this includes court costs and Constable Mileage fees. APS will require a copy of your lease to proceed.
Tenant Contesting
The tenant may contest this filing and file an answer with the court within the time indicated on your notice. If this is the case a hearing will be set within 7-14 days and APS can attend the hearing or you may wish to represent yourself. APS charges $175.00 to attend any hearing.
Authorization of 24HR Tenant Lockout
If no answer by tenant the Court will sign the order and authorize the 24 hour lockout. A 24 hour notice is served to the tenant requiring the tenant to vacate the premises within 24 hours. (If notice served on Fri. the lockout would occur on next business day)
Remove Tenants
After the 24hour notice is served the Constable will return to the property and remove the tenants. All access doors to the property must have the locks changed at the time of lockout. We contract with a respectable locksmith and can bill you for the charge depending on number of locks required to change.

Landlord Eviction Services

7 or 30-day Notice
Greater Las Vegas North/Henderson
7 or 30-day Notice
Distant Las Vegas/Boulder City
24 Hour Eviction Notice $395
Court appearance/ Tenant Litigation $175
Skip Trace $100

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