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What to look for when using a process serving company

When comparing pricing for eviction notices and eviction services it’s important to check if the company your choosing is 1st and for-most licensed to serve notices. This may become a problem when the Court might possibly throw your case out as the Original Notice was not properly served or does not contain language required by the court. APS has been licensed by the Private Investigators Licensing Board since 2007.

Pricing is another way to comparison shop. APS offers more of a Ala Cart view of pricing. Other company’s might charge a flat fee that includes the eviction and Notice for $300 and up. The problem with that scenario is, after the notice is served the Tenant might consider leaving or surrendering the premises or even pay the rent and the actual filing of the eviction is never required unbeknownst to you who just just paid over $300 for a single notice.

Ease of Getting Started
When using APS you simply add the notice into your shopping cart $45.00 for most of the Las Vegas area and complete the easy to use form that gathers the required information for the notice. After the expiration of the notice you can then choose to move forward with the Summary Eviction Process. click here to learn more about the Eviction Process.

Keeping Up
Sometimes the Tenant will contest the eviction and a court hearing is required. APS can appear for you just add this “A La Carte” fee on the website if you are unable to attend or are situated out of state. Other company’s might not even know where the courthouse is or what a courtroom looks like. APS has represented 100’s of Landlords and our track record is over 90% since 2007. We keep up to date with the ever changing legal landscape and new court mandated requirements.

Accountability & Accessibility
And finally I want to share with you, that if this is your 1st or 100th eviction Im personally available to you with any question you might have. No eviction is ever the same, every case is unique and the relationship with your eviction company is the upmost part of the process, communication is key and Im here for you with any questions or advise.

Click here for some testimonials from Realtors and Landlords and their experiences from using APS as their trusted eviction specialists.

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