(702) 309-SERV info@apsnevada.com

Service of Civil Process

APS will promptly enter your case information into our secure database server upon receipt. Larger clients will also have the ability to log on and check status.

APS will make a total of 4 Attempts to a residence or place of employment, Please note Service at most casinos are not allowed.

After entering the zip code of where the Service is going to, please proceed to checkout, at this time you can add a Rush to your your job if needed (For routine service 1st attempt is made within 48 hours, for Rush the 1st attempt is made within 24 hours of receipt). You will receive an emailed receipt of your payment, simply reply to the email with instructions for service and attach the documents requiring service. ( Addition printing charges may apply for documents over 30 pages)

Enter the serve zip code to check for serviceability.

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